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Australian Homeschooling Summit 2017! Homeschooling experts from all over Australia are coming together to share their experience and teach a series of live, online, workshops and presentations. Best of all, the sessions are FREE! Click through to learn more, and sign up for notifications about each event. Australian Homeschooling Summit 2017! Homeschooling experts from all over Australia are coming together to share their experience and teach a series of live, online, workshops and presentations. Best of all, the sessions are FREE! Click through to learn more, and sign up for notifications about each event. Australian Homeschooling Summit 2017! Homeschooling experts from all over Australia are coming together to share their experience and teach a series of live, online, workshops and presentations. Best of all, the sessions are FREE! Click through to learn more, and sign up for notifications about each event.
Ever felt a little jealous of the people who get to go to homeschooling conferences and shows? That you'd really benefit from being surrounded by other homeschoolers and learning from their experience, but just couldn't justify the cost or travel away from home?

Here's the solution - we're bringing the conference to your lounge room.

Homeschooling experts from all over Australia are coming together to share their experience and teach a series of live workshops and presentations.

Best of all, the sessions are FREE.

You'll be able to access all of the workshops, as they happen and for a short time afterwards. And if you feel that you'd love to be able to watch them again whenever you'd like, you'll be able to purchase access to the recordings, along with special bonus material. That way you can keep revisiting the teachings and take away new help from them as your children grow and your homeschool grows with them.

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Live and Free Workshops

The workshops below are all live and free - you're welcome to come along, ask questions, take notes, and access the downloads. They'll also be available for free for the next 24 hours, in case you can't make it live. Sign up to get the access links delivered to your inbox, mark your calendar, and get ready for hours of actionable information!

Natural Learning : Simply Living

Beverley Paine

The Educating Parent

2pm / 23rd May

Natural Learning isn't a home educating method or an approach, it is a way of looking at children and life. Rather than an educational choice, it is a lifestyle choice!

Through a collection of powerful and profound slides let experienced unschooler Beverley Paine help you learn to trust in your children's natural learning ability. Natural Learning : Simply Living begins by describing how we learn before exploring what natural learning is and isn't, before concluding with a series of useful and handy tips on how to ease into a natural learning simply living lifestyle with your children.

Designing your own Personalised Homeschool

Kelly George

Fearless Homeschool

May 15th

Do you feel like you're in a homeschooling rut? That your homeschool is repetitive, uninspiring, and bland? That you struggle too much with  boredom and resistance?

Then it's time to shake things up! There's so many styles of homeschooling and resources out there that there's something to suit everyone - if you know what to look for. In this workshop, Kelly will give a brief overview of the most common styles of homeschooling. Plus, you'll learn how to incorporate aspects of many different styles so you can build a truly personalised and interesting homeschool.

Busting 10 Homeschool Myths

Grace Koelma

Mulberry Magazine

26th May

Homeschoolers are one of the most misunderstood groups in society. People think that we're a bunch of unsocialised weirdos who never leave the house, who are crippling their children by not preparing them for the 'real world'. Or that we only homeschool to indoctrinate our children in our religious fundamentalism or crazy hippy views. It's not like that at all!

In this talk, Grace will bust 10 of the most common homeschooling myths floating around, helping you to understand exactly what homeschooling involves. It'll also help you to deal with the questions you get from relatives, friends, and the strangers in the supermarket!

Raising Kids of Strong Character

Belinda Letchford

Live Life with your Kids

1.00pm / 16th May

We all know that character is important but how do we fit teaching it into our already busy homeschool days? Raising Kids with Strong Character is a practical session where we look at making the most of every day situations to help our kids understand the importance of virtues and to help them make choices based on these values. As our kids practice making character-based responses in life their character muscles will grow stronger – equipping them to live well as adults.

Nurturing a Love of Literature

Erin Hassett

Seven Little Australians and Counting

Time / Date

Reading together as a family strengthens family bonds, supports emotional connections, creates memories, introduces the wider world, promotes imagination, offers opportunities for your child to discuss his thoughts, fosters a rich vocabulary, cultivates communication skills and encourages a lifetime of reading.

Join Erin as she shares how her family has enjoyed reading together for decades and how they go about it. She will explain just what quality books are, where to find them, and suggest ideas on how you can incorporate read alouds into your family life. Erin's goal is to help you nurture a love of literature within your family.

Herding Cats - How to Make Homeschool Groups Work

Tamara Kelly

Former President of HEA, BA, BEd

Time / Date

Organising a homeschooling group can be hard work, but very rewarding. In this workshop Tamara will take you through how to find, form and maintain homeschooling groups that are fun and educational for the kids, while also supporting parents.

Get out from under the 'Mother Load' and move from Manic to Marvellous

Shannon Young

The Care Factor

17th May

Homeschooling is hard work and sometimes we don't think that we are doing the best we can. We can forget to take care of ourselves in our quest to be our best. We put ourselves down or get overwhelmed with pressures and demands. We end up bogged down and lost underneath the "mother load".
In this workshop, you'll learn to identify common mental blocks that weight people down, and how they affect your brain and your children's development. Plus, you'll learn an evidence-based process to transform these mental blocks and remove the 'mother load' from your shoulders and move your parenting and homeschooling from manic to marvellous!

Homeschooling Multiples: Different ages, personalities, and learning styles

Victoria Gregson

The Rockstar Homeschooling Mum

21st May

Victoria, The Rockstar Homeschooling Mum of 5 young Rockstars, communicates compelling views and knowledge with a contagious enthusiasm, energy and passion – in person! In Vlog!! VERBALLY!! BUT force her to write an essay or report and she visibly wilts. Therefore, she grew up questioning her intelligence. The lessons of her own educational experience drive Victoria’s approach in homeschooling her own 5 Rockstars. She aims to ensure they ALL thrive and build on their strengths and believe in their amazing abilities. In this workshop, Victoria will outline her key principles for successfully homeschooling across multiple ages, with a focus on developing an approach that meets the needs of multiple children, ages and learning styles simultaneously, whilst still getting in that special one on one time. Join her as she shares practical tips on homeschooling her family as happily, efficiently and stress-free as possible!

Our Journey from Schooling to Unschooling

Kathleen Glossop

Unschooling Journey

19th May

I was a 15 minute a day on technology Mum. A “1, 2, 3 Magic” Mum. A do-what-you’re-told-because-I-said-so Mum…

…until one day, I was backed into a corner and told that there was something wrong with my child…and so began our Unschooling Journey.

I’ve come to accept that this is a journey, that knowing what I’m doing from the start before I take a step isn’t the idea. Just as our children can learn through life, so can we.

Coming from a traditional schooling background, it’s taken me a lot of soul searching and questioning of my own assumptions to get to this point. How do I know I’m doing the right thing? How do I know it’s all going to be ok? How do I know my kids will grow to be happy?

In this presentation, i'll talk about our journey from traditional school to unschooling. What it's looked like, the struggles and joys we've had, and where we are now.

Respectful Parenting

Brett Darnesh

Loving Families

24th May

As homeschoolers we spend a lot of time relating with our children. We have an amazing opportunity for our children to learn respectful relating from us in our everyday lives, and in ways that is rare within the schooling environment. The trick is to remain respectful when our children present challenging behaviour that we don't enjoy so much. This means aiming for connection instead of trying to correct 'poor' behaviour. Over time this will create a relationship that is open, mutually respectful, trusting and emotionally safe.

Respectful parenting:

  • is neither punitive or permissive
  • places reasonable limits without coercion or demands
  • empowers children to become cooperative, motivated and open in their communication.
  • meets challenging behaviours with respect

This presentation will cover the keys to fostering a respectful relationship with your children that will contribute to more ease, harmony, co-operation and understanding in the home. It'll open your family to new possibilities when things are stressful or hurts arise.

Unschooling our Children, Deschooling Ourselves

Beverley Paine

The Educating Parent & Always Learning Books

2pm / 25th May

At its heart unschooling challenges the prevailing dogma that education equals schooling. Unschooling trusts that children will learn naturally without coercion or manipulation what they need and want to learn. Deschooling is the process of letting go of the need to teach our children what other people think they should know and be able to do.

Let experienced unschooler and educating parent Beverley Paine help you become aware of and challenge your conditioned thoughts about education and schooling and free your mind from these limiting constraints.

But what about University?

Kelly George

Fearless Homeschool

20th May

One of the most common worries about homeschooling is how children will access university and TAFE without year 12 results. 

Luckily, it's easier than ever before to access tertiary education and training without formal school results. In this workshop, Kelly will teach you a number of different ways to gain entry to university, TAFE and other educational and training options, without going through the rigmarole of school. Plus, we'll analyse the most important question of all in this time of unprecedented access to self-education opportunities - is a formal tertiary education the best way for your child to achieve their goals? 

By the end, you'll know that school is definitely not necessary, and feel confident in homeschooling all the way through!

Preparing your homeschooled or unschooled teen for university

Allira Caddies

Teen Homeschooling Australia & Start Homeschooling Australia

 Homeschooling your teenagers can feel like one of the most scary and daunting experiences of your life! Most people believe that they are not educated enough to home educate their teenagers, and that university is impossible unless you complete high school. This is simply not true! University learning is nothing like high school learning. For many people, studying at university can be one of the most interesting, fascinating and rewarding experiences of their lives. And the best part is that almost anybody can find the resources that they need to homeschool or unschool their teen through to university! You do not need to graduate high school to get in to university.  The most important skills that are needed to gain entry in to a degree are motivation, determination and passion for the path that you want to follow - and this talk will show you how to get there. 

This presentation will focus on:
  • Finding what motivates your teenager
  • Working towards passion-based learning 
  • Practical steps that you can take to prepare your child for university study
  • Motivating your teenager to want to work towards their goals  
  • Creating a plan to get where you want to go
  • Understanding what universities want from your teenager, and how your teenager can gain those skill
By the end, you will be clear about the next steps to take to work towards your teen's academic future, and how to have fun along the way. Getting into university should be an exciting, exhilarating learning process, and by the end of this talk, you will feel excited about all the possibilities that the future holds. 

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